Theodore Roosevelt; The Citizen. Jacob A. Riis.

Theodore Roosevelt; The Citizen

New York: American News Company, 1904. Special Edition, June 1904. Paperback. Octavo; x, (2), 3-471pp. with TR chronology, bibliography and index; original decorated printed green wrappers;. Very good. Item #12809

Riis the reformer met TR when he was a young Assemblyman. They became friends and allies in social causes. A rare edition. Miles, Image Makers, #886, Miles does not note this edition and the collation is slightly different and there are no illustrations. The title page bears the Macmillan imprint but the printed wrappers are from the American News Company. To further compound and confound, this book is listed as "No. 17 Library Of Popular Fiction", on the spine. A scarce and intriguing issue.

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