Item #16974 An Autographed Letter, Signed. Theodore Roosevelt, Arthur ???

An Autographed Letter, Signed.

White River Colorado: February 9, 1901. Four pages on plain lined writing paper, measuring apprx. 8” x 10”. The letter is written to the his mother. We know the following; he is a school teacher, or as he states it “a pedagogue”, he is a hunter, he had a cousin, a Major Hersey, that served as a “Rough Rider” in Cuba; A fascinating letter the writer is on a hunting trip and through pure chance encounters Theodore Roosevelt who is also in the Meeker Colorado area hunting Mountain Lions with his guide as identified in the letter as John Goff. He relates meeting TR. Arthur gets TR to let him take his "Snap-shot". When Arthur tells TR he is a teacher and his cousin was Maj. Hersey of the Rough Riders. TR "wanted to shake hands with me and so forth. He is as pleasant a man as I ever met." He further relates that TR has a lion on the back of the guide's saddle and describes his dress. Later details are of the writer's success in hunting deer and information on his teaching experience and plans. On this date TR is the Vice President-elect but by the following September he will be the President following the death of McKinley in Buffalo NY. Very good. Item #16974

From the New York Times / COL. ROOSEVELT COMING EAST. Killed Twelve Mountain Lions, Among Them One Weighing 227 Pounds. MEEKER, Col., Feb 16.--Vice President-elect Roosevelt and John Goff rode into Meeker from the Keystone Ranch last night having concluded their hunt for big game in the mountains. When asked for interviews Col. Roosevelt referred the correspondent to Mr. Goff. Mr. Goff said seventeen lions were killed during the hunt and that the Colonel himself killed twelve, four with his knife and eight with his rifle. Mr. Goff further stated that Col. Roosevelt killed the largest lion that has been killed in this section, weighing 227 pounds and measuring 81/2 feet in the flesh. Mr. Goff states that Col. Roosevelt killed it with his knife. One of the most exciting experiences of the hunt occurred when Col. roosevelt killed his second largest lion. In order to get a shot the Colonel leaned the larger portion of his weighty body over a cliff forty feet high. Goff held him by the leg. The Colonel brought down his game with the first shot. Col. Roosevelt expressed himself as having the most enjoyable time of his life. He will leave Meeker to-day in a special conveyance. He will take the train to-night at Rifle, when he probably will go home.

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