Autographed Letter, Signed. Edith Kermit Roosevelt.

Autographed Letter, Signed

New York. This letter was written from the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. It is written on Roosevelt Hospital stationery with the heading of the Superintendent, Chas. D. Grimshaw. It is simply dated "Tuesday, P.M." It is written to Mr. (Albert) Shaw, who was editor of the Review of Reviews and the author of the "Cartoon History of Theodore Roosevelt, 1910 and a long time friend. When Theodore Roosevelt was hospitalized in February and later in November, 1918, Edith was provided an adjoining room, so that she could be with, and attentive to, her husband. We believe this letter is from one of those two stays. She is thanking Shaw for sending some unnamed "delightful" books. "I can scarcely say until later, which half of the family will enjoy them most!" She concludes, "All goes well, tho I suppose we are here for some time longer". TR would not return to Sagamore Hill until Christmas day, 1918, He would die on January 6, 1919. The letter is signed "E.K.R." Very good. Item #18273

Just as TR is collected in manuscript form in his various offices, Police Commissioner, Assemblyman, President etc. there is a special character to a letter written by Mrs. Roosevelt from this location.

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