Autographed Letter, Signed, To Mrs. George Dewey. Anna Roosevelt Cowles, e, Bamie.

Autographed Letter, Signed, To Mrs. George Dewey

Washington DC: 1902. Two pages, measuring 4.25" x 6" on monogramed stationery from her 1733 N Street address in Washington D. C. to Mrs. George Dewey, the spouse of Admiral Dewey. A short letter informing Mrs. Dewey that Helen will not be with her at a future meeting, " she would be proud to play her part as a Navy girl under your wing..." Very good. Item #18278

Anna Roosevelt Cowles (1855-1931) was an American socialite. She was the older sister of United States President Theodore Roosevelt and an aunt of Eleanor Roosevelt. Her childhood nickname was Bamie, a derivative of bambina (Italian for a baby girl)), but as an adult, her family began calling her "Bye" because of her tremendous on-the-go energy ("Hi, Bamie; bye, Bamie"). Throughout the life of her brother, Theodore, she remained a constant source of emotional support and practical advice. On the child-bed death of her brother Theodore's young wife Alice Hathaway Lee, Bamie took custody of the child, assuming parental responsibility for T.R.'s first daughter, Alice Lee Roosevelt, during her early years.

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