About Us

As a TR collector and a specialist antiquarian bookseller in Rooseveltiana, I have the great pleasure and opportunity to gather printed materials, ephemera and imagery of our twenty-sixth President. We have created this site to help other collectors, historians, researchers and TR devotees to acquire these materials that have so enriched my own collecting life. 

Theodore Roosevelt was a most extraordinary man. An understatement certainly, he was the consummate naturalist, hunter, conservationist, reformer, Rough Rider, scholar, explorer, President and author. He was a devoted husband and father. TR the family man is a most endearing individual. He has been described as energy personified.  When TR entered a room all attention was focused on him. His daughter Alice, is credited with the statement that TR wanted to be the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral. Some suns outshine all the firmament's other objects, stars and planets, such was TR.

This site will bring together books and graphics that illuminate his amazing multidimensional life.

This site will not be a shrine. We will offer materials by individuals that were critical of the Roosevelt Administration and the man himself. There will be links to other sites that provide research sources and information. I hope you will all visit the Theodore Roosevelt Association web site and join this great organization. Take advantage of what is offered there. I am a proud member and have enjoyed collegial relationships with so many members at meetings throughout the country. If you are able, visit TR's home, Sagamore Hill in Oyster Bay, New York. The NPS will bring TR to life once again in this wonderful place. Please contact us with any TR questions you may have. We will always try to help and refer you to other sources that may help you as well. Enjoy browsing!